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What Our Devs Said About Working At Teamcubate

  • What I liked most about Teamcubate at the very start was the application process, since I only had two interviews. The communication with the client was easy and simple from the start and that is how I realized we had the same work ethics. They are highly organized, and you know what you are supposed to do at every moment. I can easily say that this is the best relationship I’ve had with a client so far. I like having a physical representation of my work, so watching the app interact with the product is amazing. All in all, what I appreciate is open communication, and an easy agreement and I did get that at Teamcubate.

    Jaksa Malisic

    React Native Developer

  • It was like we had known each other for years! We have been successful in keeping open and honest communication while staying proactive. I love the fact that we are not your regular corporate office. We are friendlier, and open to new ideas partly because we have the chance to be a part of amazing projects, which I think is something that every developer appreciates. It’s just the fact that I don’t dread going to work. That’s how Teamcubate makes me feel.

    Djordje Grujovic

    Flutter Developer

  • The team of people I work with at Teamcubate is truly extraordinary. In addition to everyday business challenges, we always find time for a quick break and we hang out. It's way easier when your colleagues can be your friends as well. It also helps that I am working on dynamic and challenging projects that use cutting-edge technologies (PaaS, Azure, .NET 5, and many more). Not to mention the easy communication we have with our clients. It’s actually rare, and a great pleasure when you go into the office where you can combine the best of both worlds, and this is precisely what we do.

    Milan Ninkovic

    Senior Software Engineer